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2022 - 2023 Uniform Guidelines for Physical Education Classes at Kamehameha Schools Hawaiʻi Kula Waena

Kula Waena P.E. Uniform Guidelines

June 17, 2022

Here are some helpful guidelines to help plan and prepare for P.E. classes at Kula Waena: 

  • All students are required to wear P.E. uniforms during P.E. class activity days.
  • Activity Schedule will be shared after the start of the school year, and students will have advance notice of swim and other activity days.
  • P.E. t-shirts and P.E. shorts are available for purchase at the PTO School Store, serviced by Parent Volunteer’s. The School Store is located on campus at the Pai’ea Football Stadium.
  • Please see the schedule online for store hours as well as volunteer opportunities at PTO School Store page on the PTO website.
  • P.E. Swimwear is not available at the PTO School Store and may be purchased from any site, store or vendor of your choice.

The following items will be needed throughout the school year. We suggest labeling all items:

  • at least 2 P.E. uniform t-shirts
  • at least 2 P.E. uniform shorts
  • at least 1 pair of athletic running or cross training shoes - solid or any combination of black, white, gray, and/or school issued uniform colors (sky blue, royal blue, navy blue, or white)
  • a pair of swim goggles
  • a towel
  • a bike helmet
  • a set of uniform swimwear (examples below show the minimum amount of coverage required)
    • Girls – modest, predominantly black one-piece suit (no two-piece swimsuits allowed)
    • Boys – predominantly black swim/board shorts (appropriate fit, not hanging low)

Please nofity your Counselor or P.E. Kumu with any questions.

See examples of what swimwear should look like.

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