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Kamehameha Schools Maui


Athletic facilities

Ka‘ulaheanuiokamoku Athletic Complex

The Ka‘ulaheanuiokamoku Athletic Complex includes a gymnasium, a wrestling and judo room, a tennis complex with six courts, the Kana‘iaupuni Stadium for football, soccer and track, a grass practice field with batting cage, discus and shot put area, two outdoor basketball courts and the Pi‘ilani Aquatic Center, along with a large weight room, a faculty fitness room, training room and boys and girls locker rooms. There’s also a visitor’s locker room for hosting visiting teams.

Ka‘ulaheanuiokamoku Gymnasium

The main high school gym is home for the KS Maui basketball, volleyball and wrestling teams, while also hosting assemblies, concerts and other campus functions, like the yearly ‘Aha Mele competition. The Ka‘ulaheanuiokamoku Gymnasium has seating for 1,828 capacity.

The lobby of the gym has a display case with many of the trophies and awards that athletes from KS Maui have won.

Parking Area

Parking for most KSM athletic events is located next to the lower side of the football stadium. The yellow area is general parking; the blue area is handicap parking and requires permit or license plate.

Kana‘iaupuni Stadium

The Kana‘iaupuni Stadium is home for the KS Maui football, soccer and track and field teams. With a beautiful, unobstructed view of the Maui plains, the stadium provides one of the best backdrops for high school athletics in the state. There is seating for 1,462, all on the mauka side of the stadium.

The field was replaced in the summer of 2015 with a new field turf surface. The track outside the field has eight lanes, and has a Rekortan surface.

Pi‘ilani Aquatic Center

The Pi‘ilani Aquatic Center includes an Olympic-sized pool, locker rooms and covered seating for 400.

Starting August 3, 2020 – Staff/faculty hours will be from 2 pm – 5 pm, until further notice. Prior to pool use, you must complete KS Employee Indemnification Form and submit to the Operations Department.

High school weight room

The high school weight room is 650 square feet, including five rack and platform combination areas, eight adjustable flat benches, two decline benches and two pillar/multi-cable machines. The weight room also has numerous Hammer Strength, Cybex, Nautilus and Bigger Faster Stronger machines, along with 12 lifetime exercise machines, three rowing machines and seven plyometric boxes.

Tennis courts

The tennis courts are located at the Ka‘ulaheanuiokamoku Athletic Complex, with six total courts that have a grandstand that holds up to sixty people.

Wrestling room

The wrestling room is located in the Ka‘ulaheanuiokamoku Athletic Complex, with room for two wrestling mats. Matches are held in the main gym with three mats.

Fitness center

The fitness center is located in the Ka‘ulaheanuiokamoku Athletic Complex, with three exercise bikes, five elliptical, three treadmill and one stair stepper machine available for cardiovascular activities and three adjustable flat benches.

Outdoor basketball courts

There are outdoor basketball courts located at both elementary and high school, with two full courts on each. These courts are used for team practices and physical education classes.

Kahekili Gymnasium

The Kahekili Gymnasium is located on the middle school campus and plays host to the middle school and elementary gym sports, physical education classes and assemblies. The gym has seating for 706, and can expand to have two practice courts.

Kahekili Field

The Kahekili Field is used for many middle school and elementary school activities, including host for some elementary and middle school cross country practices. It is also a practice field for baseball and softball.

Middle school weight room

The middle school weight room is 500 square feet, including two rack and platform combination areas, along Cybex and Lifetime weight equipment, catered specifically for weight training activities suitable for middle school-aged students.

Athletic Training Room

The athletic training room services our student-athletes throughout each season. The room consists of five athletic tables, four additional stations, and two ice bath machines.

New Softball Field Construction

Construction of the new high school softball field is underway and is targeting completion before the end of the year.