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Student safety and well-being

Cognitive health

cognitive health

We use personalized and place-based learning to bolster engagement, academic excellence, and social emotional learning.

  • E Ola! Learner Outcomes are implemented across KS. Collectively, E Ola! contributes to the goal that haumāna will become local and global servant leaders who are culturally engaged and play significant roles in creating strong ‘ohana and communities through ka pae ‘āina o Hawai‘i and beyond.

Grounded in E Ola! our academic program is designed to nurture students who are:

  • Globally minded servant leaders
  • Culturally and spiritually grounded
  • Passionate lifelong learners
  • Self-advocates
  • Stewards of ‘āina, culture, and language
  • Confident and empathetic, and who
  • Advance the health and well-being of the lāhui

Kamehameha’s educational leaders have identified four key tactics that are the unifying focus for the tri-campus system and foundation to the ideal E Ola! learner. These tactics guide KS to becoming a world-class, Hawaiian-based education system:

Elevating Standards for Student-Centered Learning

Refocus learning through student-centered, culturally rich experiences and opportunities inspired by students’ unique interests and talents. Each student will be prepared to meet their highest potential through diverse academic, athletic, artistic, and co-curricular programs and by leveraging media, technology, community partners, and Kanaeokana, the network of Native Hawaiian schools. Student-centered learning will include personalized learning, a career and college mindset, and student health, safety, and well-being.

Empower Educators

Empower educators to employ nurturing and dynamic teaching methods that motivate learners to attain world-class outcomes. KS will recruit, develop, and retain world-class educators who are empowered to produce rigorous, relevant, and relationship-rich Hawaiian culture-based education learning environments. Empowered educators demonstrate distinguished teaching and engage in professional development to inspire higher learning and performance results for students.

Elevate Standards

Elevate standards by adopting a world-class curriculum and by setting student achievement benchmarks and global standards via world-class, Hawaiian culture-based education. Use discipline-specific standards of excellence to provide the highest-quality educational programs designed to prepare every graduate to be ready for post-secondary success and career opportunities. Elevating standards includes a shared commitment to world-class, Hawaiian culture-based education, developing and applying student growth outcomes, and advancing Christian values and Hawaiian culture.

Redefine Systems and Learning Environments

Redefine systems and learning environments in a way that establishes leadership, faculty, and staff accountability toward achieving high-level student outcomes. Education output and learner outcomes will be the primary kuleana of tri-campus education leaders and faculty. Accordingly, decision-making authority will be as close to the teacher and learner as possible. Redefining systems and learning environments include refining a governance model, improving student learning, and participating in Kanaeokana, the network of Native Hawaiian schools.

  • Campus curriculum is assessed regularly to provide relevant, age-appropriate lessons to students in the future
  • All haumāna educated on health and well-being through specialized age-appropriate curriculum, including age-appropriate curricula addressing the important topics of sex abuse prevention, substance abuse prevention, social-emotional learning, digital citizenship, and safety
  • School counselors provide a comprehensive school counseling and guidance program to students and families. Our counseling team works closely with our Behavioral Health Specialists (BHS) and Learning Support professionals to ensure continuity in providing whole child support and resources to the Student Success Team. The primary goal of student support services is to nurture the educational growth of our haumāna by helping them develop a positive self-image, embrace personal responsibility, and learn to make great decisions. We provide a foundation, based on our E Ola! Learner Outcomes, that nourishes strong and healthy relationships on campus while understanding the individual needs of each haumāna. Kamehameha student support staff also consult with parents, teachers, and administrators on issues related to learning styles, emotional needs, post-high / career opportunities and more.

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