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Ho‘oulu Verification Services


Step 1: Completing the Hawaiian Ancestry Registry (HAR) form

Front page information

Applicant information

The following instructions are written for an adult applicant. If you are a parent or legal guardian completing the form for a child, the words YOU and YOUR refer to the child applicant.

Enter your current legal name. If your name has been legally changed (e.g. by legal adoption or an administrative court order), enter your new name. If you are married, enter your declared married name. Do not use nicknames or names given upon baptism. We encourage you to use the same name when filling out forms for KS programs to expedite the application process. An applicant whose name is different from his or her birth name (due to a marriage or name change) must submit a marriage certificate or legal name change documentation so that we can confirm that the different names refer to the same person.

Social Security number
Providing your social security number is not required, but is highly recommended to minimize processing delays caused by applicants with similar names.

Names of KS or Ho‘oulu Hawaiian Data Center-registered relatives
Please supply the names of relatives whose KS files may be a source of documents for shared ancestors. List those who are current or past KS students (include year of graduation and campus); those registered with the Data Center (include Data Center ID number if available); and those who are concurrently registering with the Data Center.

If your file requires documents from a relative’s HAR form, supply the aforementioned and we will do our best to locate documents submitted to us in the past. Please be aware that if documents cannot be located or are of poor quality, you will be asked to provide the original documents again.

Contact information

Attention line and address
Adult applicants should enter their name and address here. Otherwise, please provide the name and address of the parent or legal guardian with whom the minor applicant resides.

Contact numbers and e-mail address
In addition to mailed notifications, we may call or e mail you to expedite processing if we have questions about information you provided. Your contact information will not be used for any other purpose and will not be shared with anyone outside of KS.

Please notify us if your contact information changes. Your verification cannot be completed if we cannot reach you to clear an outstanding issue.


The HAR form must be signed by the applicant if he or she is 18 years of age or older, or a parent or legal guardian if the applicant is under 18 years of age. In some cases, supporting documents may be required to confirm the relationship between the applicant and the person who signed the HAR form. 

Signatures accepted
The table below offers further signature guidelines involving minor applicants.

Signature AcceptedAdditional documents required
Birth parent whose legal custody has not been surrendered (due to adoption) or revoked (via court action) None
Parent via adoptionLegal adoption document identifying adoptive parent(s) or post adoption birth certificate
Legal guardianCourt order regarding legal guardianship or court letter of guardianship
Permanent custodian – DHS
social worker
Confirmation of name and signature via DHS letterhead or similar
Permanent custodian – private agency
social worker or officer
Court order awarding legal custody and confirmation of name and signature via agency letterhead
Permanent custodian – individualCourt order awarding legal custody


Signatures NOT accepted

  • Birth parents whose custody was revoked by the court
  • Birth parents whose child was legally adopted by others
  • Step parents without legal custody or guardianship
  • Parents of adult applicants (18 years of age or older) without legal custody or guardianship
  • Relatives (grandparents, aunts, siblings, etc.) without legal custody or guardianship
  • Hānai or foster parents

PRINT your legal name, your relationship to the applicant, and the primary contact number of the person who signed the HAR form in the appropriate area. Adult applicants should write “self” as the Relationship to Applicant. Please do not leave any of these areas blank. If we cannot determine who signed the HAR form after reviewing the information in this section, identification to confirm the signature will be requested.

Please submit the HAR form with the required signature or your verification will be delayed. Exceptions to the Data Center’s authorized signer policy are rarely granted.

Family ancestry information


Your ‘ohana can be a valuable resource for ancestry information. We encourage you to ask someone familiar with your family’s genealogy to help you complete this section to ensure that the information is as accurate as possible. Please note that knowingly providing false or incomplete information which affects verification may result in (1) KS declaring you ineligible to apply for KS programs or scholarships, (2) disenrollment from KS programs, and/or (3) denial of further financial aid or scholarship funding.

Once you have determined your family’s genealogy, you’ll need to gather the necessary supporting documents (birth certificates, etc.). Having the necessary information and documents in hand will help you complete this section. (See Step 2: Gathering Documents for information on how to obtain the required documents.)

Please keep the following in mind while completing this section:

  • All names provided should be for biological (blood or birth) relatives only. DO NOT list adoptive or hānai relatives.
  • Double check your responses and do not leave any blank spaces (unless they are marked optional), even for non Hawaiian ancestors. The HAR form must be completely filled out to prevent processing delays.
  • Write “unknown” only after reasonable attempts to obtain the information were unsuccessful. Other responses, such as n/a, unk, ?, or leaving information blank, are not acceptable and will cause the HAR form to be returned to you for completion.
  • Processing will be delayed if your verification information is inaccurate or missing. You may be asked to provide additional supporting documents.
  • If you have difficulty obtaining four generations of family information because some of your ancestors were born in the 1800s, do your best to provide as much information as possible. Assuming that all other ancestry requirements are met, you will not be penalized for this omission.
  • Our Data Center staff can help contact family members on your behalf in extenuating circumstances, if you provide contact information. Ultimately, however, it is your kuleana to supply the documents and information in a timely manner. The Data Center will not be held responsible if attempts to make contact are unsuccessful.

Names to provide for the applicant and ancestors
Provide the legal name given at birth, which can be verified with a birth certificate. However, if the person underwent a legal name change (not including a name change due to marriage), use the person’s current legal name, and submit legal name change documents. If you wish, initials may be used in place of long middle names.

Other names, including current or previous married names and names given after birth (such as baptismal names) should be listed under Married Names/Other Names for the applicant, parents, and grandparents. Names may spill outside of the boxes if more space is required.

Hawaiian ancestry?
Mark Yes if the person is of Hawaiian or part Hawaiian ancestry via blood ancestors or No if the person is NOT of Hawaiian ancestry.

If you would like to self declare that the applicant is NOT of Hawaiian ancestry, complete page 1 of the HAR form (be sure to include the signature of a legal parent/guardian/custodian of minor applicants), and fill in Box 1 only of the Family Ancestry Information section on page 2. Birth certificates are not required for applicants who wish to declare non Hawaiian status.

Mark Yes if the person was legally adopted. Support documents must be submitted for adopted people within the Hawaiian line to show that Hawaiian ancestry was derived from biological parents. See Addendums for adoption document requirements.

Hānai relationships are NOT considered adoptions for verification purposes and cannot be used to claim Hawaiian ancestry. Mark No if the person was raised by a hānai family, and list only biological parents on the HAR form.

Date of birth
Indicate the month, day, and year of birth. For ancestors not in the Hawaiian line or whose birth certificates are not required, reasonable estimates of the birth dates including at least the year of birth may be indicated in place of the actual date of birth.

Deceased? (optional)
Please provide this information to help us determine appropriate documents or information to request if needed.

If KS graduate, year of graduation (optional)
This information may help us in searching for documents or information previously submitted to Kamehameha Schools.

Place of birth (optional)
If known, indicate the city and island for Hawai‘i births. For births outside Hawai‘i, indicate the state or country instead.