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The Kapa‘akea Project will revitalize dilapidated area into a culturally diverse, dynamic, walkable town center that offers creative, educational, and authentic cultural experiences that are appropriate for the surrounding communities and educational partners like the University of Hawai‘i. The area will transform and become an iconic representation of the local cultures and the University of Hawai‘i student lifestyle, which UH can utilize to improve its brand image as it reaches out to prospective students both locally and globally.

Land Legacy: Victoria Kamāmalu

Ahupuaʻa: ʻIli of Kapaʻakea, Waikīkī Ahupuaʻa (formerly part of Mānoa Ahupuaʻa)

Acreage: 6.28

Residential: 600-700 DU

Commercial GLA: 71,000

Uses: Mixed-use residential, retail, and hotel

Point of Contact:
Calvin Mann
(808) 541-5304