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‘Āina Pauahi


E Ola!

To thrive and help ensure the vibrancy of our ‘ohana, community, ka lāhui Hawai‘i, ka pae ‘āina o Hawai‘i, and ka honua, we cultivate well-being in all aspects — cultural, spiritual, socioeconomic, physical, emotional and cognitive. We anchor all we do in Native Hawaiian Identity and through this integration in what Kamehameha Schools calls the E Ola! framework.

In our work, we will drive the following E Ola! foundations forward: 

  1. ‘Ike Kupuna (Ancestral experiences, insights, perspectives, knowledge, and practices): We recognize the achievements of our kūpuna and how ‘ike kūpuna is seeded within themselves. We apply ‘ike kūpuna to shape our identity and strengthen connection to our lāhui;
  2. Aloha ‘Āina (Hawaiian patriotism; love for the land and its people): We will activate an in-depth relationship with places and communities that hold significance and strive to improve the well-being of such places, engaging in experiences that foster aloha for and life-long allegiance to ka lāhui Hawai‘i and ka pae ‘āina o Hawai‘i; and
  3. Malama and Kuleana (Social agency, community consciousness): We will engage with our ‘ohana, communities, and others to achieve Hawaiian cultural vitality, political and social justice, environmental sustainability, and the overall well-being of their communities and larger global context.